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Teamlead Digital Transformation | International Data Consultancy

Would you like to take the next step as a teamlead for a Digital Transformation team?


This international company is working with A-clients like KLM, ABN, Philips. It is a global leader in digital transformations. They have clients in a lot of different fields: healthcare, finance, media, retail, transport. Despite the size and status of the company, the team feels like you’re working in a start-up. Really personal and close, you are working together, not as an individual. The management is also really close to the operational team. In total there are working 120.000 people for the organization, they are operating in 73 countries.


The department is called Digital Transformation, the two Data teams consist of 35 people in total. You work with a multi-disciplinairy team, consisting of Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Architects and Artificial Intelligence Consultants. The vibe is really friendly, you don’t have to ‘prove’ yourself, you are really working togéther. They are young and entrepeneurial. In this organisation they work in Project teams. They mainly consists of 3-7 people. This means you will work closely with other data enthousiasts on diverse data & AI projects. The goal of this consultancy is to solve business challanges, using AI and Machine Learning.

The main language in the teams is English, there are colleagues from France, Spain, Greece, Iran, Sweden.


In this lead position, you will be the connection within your team. You are have advanced skills in Data Governance, Data Strategy and/or AI and Machine Learning.  In this role you will have several functions, you will deliver to your clients, business development, presales and also manage the people within your team. You shouldn’t necessarily have experience in managing a team. You will have at least five years of work experience.

You will be working project-(Agile) based with your team. Depending on your experience, position and willingness, you can focus on business development, portfolio development. If you have ambition to take a leadership position (now or in the future), they will guide you towards this.

They are offering:

  • Salary to €98K per year based on 40 hours;
  • 40 / 36 / 32 hours;
  • 29 holidays;
  • 8% holiday allowance;
  • 13th month;
  • Leasecar;
  • Performance review twice a year, with potential bonus;
  • Bonus;
  • Flexible mobility budget;
  • 5 to 6 study days per year;
  • Working remotely;
  • Stock options;
  • Local and international career opportunities


If you are interested in these (or another data-related) positions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: of give me a call at 06 82 44 92 34. If you add your latest CV, I can have a look and give you a call back!


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