A.I. | Data Science | Machine Learning

Senior data scientist | In-House | M.L. – A.I. – Algorithms | 80K | Puzzles & Managing skills | Düsseldorf Area | Profit sharing


The company is located in the area of Collogne and is market leader in the creation of supply chain software. Examples of customer branches are Life Sciences, Airspace, Energy & Mobility. They have over 25.000 customers and therefore, a lot of variety in customers. In the base, they develop a generic product but in consultation with its customers, more client based products can be developed. The company is established all over the world and the German subsidiary counts approximately 1500 people. Also, there is an international atmosphere due to the diversity in cultures of the employees.


You will be part of the AI and Optimizations team. Your role is to help and understand the challenges that the biggest companies face. It is your job to seek the best ways how machine learning, predictive analytics and feature engineering help solve their challenges. You will be there to help the current data science team, but also to manage the junior data scientists.


  • Bachelor or Masters degree in Computer Sciences (or comparable)
  • At least 3years of data science/engineering work experience
  • Knowledge and experience Data science & Engineering skillset
  • Proficient in English & preferable German


  • Salary up to 95K
  • 32/36 hours is negotiable
  • Profit sharing scheme (up to 140% of a month salary)
  • Flexible working hours (07:00-19:00) & work from home
  • Pension scheme
  • Travel allowance or a lease car
  • 26 + 8 holiday days

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