Machine Learning Engineering | Python

Machine Learning Engineer I Media I Amsterdam I Salary indication up to €85K / 36 hours

News Personalization I Recommendation I NLP I Data Mesh I Millions of Users I Diversity I 25 holidays I Pension


The organization is bringing news personalized to their customers. The challenges are pretty intense, but the scale and impact are also massive. It is highly important to understand the users to develop the best news recommendations. This way they can bring the most relevant news to millions of people. More than 90 strong brands are part of this organization.

The organization is described as really friendly and supportive. It’s a big company, there is a lot of data and a lot to deliver, but on the other hand it offers you the time and space to develop yourself. There is room in the current team to expand with 3 Machine Learning Engineers because of growth.


The teams consists of 23 specialists, all Machine Learning Engineers with a different background: IOS Developers, Web Developers, DevOps Engineers. The background varies from a software engineering background to an academic background. The team is diverse and young, in age but also in lifetime. Everyone in the team has new knowledge to add and make the team better.

The team is responsible for the goal of the company: bringing customers personalized news. They take ownership over the infrastructure, data processing, ML algorithms and development of the backend.


The ML Engineers build recommendation systems, up to an individual level for the user, this is based on NLP. You will work in end-to-end feature teams to help integrate personalization features in the news apps.

The team is working with the following tech stack: Python, Bash, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Airflow, Kafka, PySpark, all running in AWS.

They are looking for someone with experience in data/software engineering, programming, working in a Scrum environment and guiding junior/medior engineers. Someone who has experience working in an online or e-commerce environment.

They are offering:
  • Salary indication €80.000 – €85.000 per year;
  • Working 36 hours;
  • Partially working from home;
  • Pension scheme;
  • Profit scheme;
  • Collective health insurance;
  • Access to training platform

If you are interested in these (or another data-related) positions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: or give me a call at 06 82 22 23 84. If you add your CV, I can have a look and give you a call back!



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