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Freelance/interim Data engineer | AWS | 12 months | low code

Currently I’m looking for an interim data engineer. Our client is a builder of low code applications and their are planning to build a new AWS platform from scratch. The client prefers a candidate with experience building this kind of platforms a couple of times, so the consultant is able to help them with building smart solutions for their technical issues. The project will be for a year minimal, starting in april or may.
  • Min. 3 years experience as data engineer
  •  Experience with AWS, Python, SQL and Airflow
  • Lead experience is a big pré
  • Rate: in consultation
  • Start: april
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Hours a week: 40/32
  • Location: remote for now, 1 day a week on site in future
Are you interested or do you have any questions, please contact me – – 06 131 106 66

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