Data Science

Data Scientist | Inventory optimisation | Salary to 70k | Deventer


Will you direct the transition from software prototypes to production software and expedite the development of machine learning applications?

At this company they use automation, data insights and sophisticated modeling to assist customers in making the best decisions for their inventory. In the subject of inventory management and optimization, they work hard to put theory into practice. To maximize the value of ther clients‘ data, they continuously improve and expand their Slim4 services using the most advanced data science and machine learning techniques.

They perform research and develop prototypes for enhancing their current Slim4 services, adding new functionality, and introducing machine-learning applications in their expanding research department. To get the most accurate results, they work closely with their clients to test the prototypes on actual data sets.

By exchanging knowledge and skills and working together on both internal and external projects, this company continually improves both themselves and one another. The research department is crucial to meeting clients‘ objectives and upholding the high standards for the services they offer, especially given how complicated today’s supply chains are.

To ensure a smooth transition of our most recent research prototypes to production software, you will help the implementation process at Slimstock. You will also help us continue to build our research code base.

Activities and responsibilities:

  • accelerate the creation of novel functionality and machine learning applications;
  • assist the team of programmers in the transition from Python-based research code to Java-based production code;
  • Write production-quality Python code and packages for the research code base, expand the automatic testing capabilities for quality assurance and identifying (possible) problem sources
  • support the business by examining functional and technical issues relating to machine-learning applications,
  • optimize the current tools and software for speed, memory, and efficiency, review other people’s work and offer constructive criticism


What do they have to offer?

  • The chance to use your knowledge and development skills to have a real impact on clients and the world of supply chain and inventory management
  • A fun place to work in an international environment
  • A rewarding position on one of the most innovative teams in the global industry
  • Opportunities to grow within the organization
  • An excellent salary

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