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AI Lead I Healthcare I Salary to 80K | NLP & ML (No VISA Sponsorship)


This organisation accelerates innovation in the world of healthcare, as it is the leading global provider of advanced analytics and clinical research. They connect insights (data), technology and expertise to customers to do extraordinary things for healthcare. This organisations helps to make smarter  data-driven decisions to reveal new opportunities within healthcare. Moreover this organisations contributes to a more sustainable environment all around the world.


As a professional you should be passionate about improving the world of healthcare and having real impact. As an AI Lead Engineer you need to fully understand how to understand algorithms to address the problems. You should be eager to learn and develop yourself.

As the AI Lead Engineer of this organisation you will mentor fellow Machine Learning and NLP colleagues to guide the team from inception of concepts to production-ready solutions. Moreover you will serve as a mentor for the junior team members.. You will help them to get a roadmap how to drive the best results. You will shape the AI team and will work on exciting projects in the healthcare domain. You will use your expertise and problem solving skills to identify potential challenges and implement requirements that are needed to bring products towards the next level.

In your role you will enable the AI team to grow and support the existing product to grow in AI and healthcare. Moreover you will contribute to the codebase as well as leading the team, developing the NLP components.

They are looking for:

  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience;
  • Software engineering skills to implement AI components within the existing infrastructure;
  • Strong experience in Python coding, used both for ML and NLP tasks. Further programming languages are a plus (e.g., R, Go, Rust, Java)Knowledge of NLP (classification and tagging);
  • You can understand and implement a wide range of models for both supervised and unsupervised settings;
  • (theoretical) experience with Deep Learning;
  • A good ‘analytics translator’;
  • Good understanding of ML and AI concepts;
  • Good understanding of the holistic view of ML pipelines in a bigger system;
  • Experience with planning and defining the business requirements;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills;
  • Read, understand and explain scientific papers and the ability to evaluate and improve the ideas described;
  • Experience producing and maintaining ML/NLP solutions;
  • Excellent English (written and verbal).

They are offering:

  • Salary indication is up to €80K per year;
  • Possibility to work 36 or 40 hours;
  • Flexible workhours and work place;
  • 25 holidays;
  • Pension plan;
  • Welness budget;
  • Travel expenses are covered;
  • Access to learning platforms;
  • Possibilities for training.


If you are interested in this (or another data-related) position, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: or give me a call at 06 82 44 92 34. If you add your CV, I can have a look and give you a call back!


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